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Welcome to my new home…visit unwindwellness.ca to connect with me, or book online now! I’m still providing great evidence based treatments – just with some pretty new branding so I can talk about what’s always been at the heart of my treatments. Unwinding what’s bothering you and how I can help.

Massage Therapy and MLD in Milton

Exciting News! I’m thrilled to be starting a home based practice in the Coates Neighbourhood in Milton (Yates and Louis St-Laurent). I’ll be taking Registered Massage Therapy appointments, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy, Reiki (level 2) and private/semi private yoga and meditation. My next available appointments are October 20, 2021 – please contact… Continue reading Massage Therapy and MLD in Milton

Postpartum Recovery – Resources You Can Use at Home (and how to avoid the mistake that led me to chronic pain)

So that’s my first suggestion. Don’t try to DIY your post-partum journey. It isn’t the same as a regular muscle, joint or even disk injury. Your pelvis may not have stabilized, your abdominals haven’t recovered from pregnancy, and your posture hasn’t recovered. Instead of a quick 2-4 week recovery, I spent 8 months frequently in too much pain to turn over, wincing when I lift 20 pounds of baby, and with a stabbing pain when I hopped down out of our car.

I very strongly suggest working with your pre-and post natal medical team postpartum. Shoulder, back, neck, hip, glute and arm injuries are common, and most new parents don’t have the energy to work on themselves. Even your regular RMT, physio or acupuncturist may want to take extra training to strengthen their knowledge of how your body knits itself back together post-partum – it’s just as incredible as the journey of pregnancy itself.

I’m excited to work with you in health. As a Massage Therapist in Mississauga, I focus on developing effective, evidence based treatment plans to help you maintain, recover, or improve your long-term health. I study the effects of massage therapy and yoga on chronic pain, stress, neurological and immune function. My clinic is located in Port Credit, Mississauga for your convenience. I also provide online consultations about homecare, pain management, lymphedema care and yoga. In person visits are conducted under the scope of massage therapy, and include manipulation of the soft tissue and joints. Online appointments are also conducted from a therapeutic perspective but cannot be billed as massage therapy at this time.

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