Making Confident Choices

Yoga does a lot for us, everyday. It teaches us our limits, and how to respect ourselves mind and body. With that knowledge, you’re prepared to make confident choices in the rest of your life. And what are you, if not the choices you make?

Every time you sink into a yoga pose, let it be a conscious, confident pose.  Choose whether to push your body: Am I feeling pain? Am I making progress? Have I tried the pose without pushing so hard? Choose whether to push your mind: Am I being lazy? Do I need to nurture myself? Am I pushing myself physically to avoid my feelings?

Making confident choices is a skill that most of us have to learn, and that as adults we are still learning. When you practice conscious yoga poses, you develop an awareness of what the “right” choice feels like. Take that out into your life and feel those right choices, make them consciously, know that you are doing the best you can in your time and place.

Yoga is a total exercise for the mind, body and soul. Learn physical poses, breathing and meditation to increase physical and mental health and stimulate healthy relaxation. My classes are open to anyone, with any level of activity or ability.

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