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Easy Yoga In a Chair

Action Read is running a great wellness program at the moment. Yesterday I joined in with a simple 20 minute yoga session suitable for almost any age and ability. Their group is fun and talkative, we had a lot of laughs doing yoga in such a small space.

This routine is perfect for a novice yogi or someone looking to integrate healthy living into a busy day. Try taking a few of the poses and integrating them into your work day for a relaxation break, or use the entire series as a gentle routine or warm up to a longer yoga practice.


  • Breathing allows us to choose our emotions and level of relaxation
  • Breath in through the nose, eventually breathing in for 4 counts and out for 8
  • Use the space in your diaphragm, chest and clavicle to let your lungs expand


  • Leg raises
    • Inhale to lift your right leg, both legs straight
    • This can be done sitting, standing, or lying down
    • Switch sides and repeat 5 times
    • Stretches and strengthens hamstrings, improving lower back strength and flexibility
  • Cat/Cow Variations
    • Sitting: hands on your knees inhale and look up and back. Exhale and round your back
    • On all fours: slightly tuck in your tummy. Inhale and look up and back. Exhale and round your back
    • Stretches and strengthens upper back and shoulders
  • Easy twist
    • Sitting: Place right hand on left thigh near the knee and twist to the left, staying up tall. Hold for 10-15 breaths and repeat on opposite side
    • Increase flexibility in spine, good for releasing tension
  • Seated forward bend
    • Breath in and reach up tall, breath out and bend forwards at your hips. Let both hands hold onto your legs (avoid knees) and breath steadily for 1 minute
    • Increase flexibility in back and hamstrings
  • Triangle variation
    • Bring your right hand straight up beside your right ear, left hand to left thigh
    • Exhale stretch up, over, and down to the left – repeat on the opposite side
    • Stretches the muscles between your ribs and your lateral spine


  • Sit or lie down comfortably, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed, let your breathing slow down and become shallow. Try to let your thoughts drift by without engaging with them

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