Can Massage Fix My Problem?

Massage therapy has a lot of great benefits, and I’ll get to those in a minute. But if you’re looking for a quick fix, keep searching the internet. You’ll find a lot of people talking about miracle cures – if one works for you, that’s fantastic.

Whether you have a new or old injury, a chronic health condition like RA, Anxiety or Fibromyalgia, or work related stress, massage isn’t a cure.

Physical therapies, including massage, work with your body to enhance it’s innate responses. Benefits of massage can include reduced pain, stimulation or relaxation of the nervous system, increased circulation, decreased inflammation, increased range of motion and many more. These benefits  help you manage your health and enjoy day to day life. In the future, I’ll be posting about how massage helps with all of those conditions. I’ll also be posting about when not to get massage, and why your massage therapist should be registered.


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