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Is Pain Affecting Your Work?

Chronic pain can affect workplace performance by limiting your work duties, interfering with sleep/leaving you fatigued at work.

You might not be performing regular work tasks like sitting comfortably in a meeting, or being able to stand for long periods. In a physical job, you could be completely unable to work.

Chronic Pain_

A big part of my massage therapy practice is understanding my patients’ goals. When your goal is urgent, like getting back to work, we follow an aggressive treatment plan. Two treatments a week, and significant homework: exercises, heat, ice, and modified sitting, sleeping or standing positions. Depending on the injury, and how long pain has been present, this can help put you in control of your symptoms so that you are back to work as soon as possible – sometimes within a few weeks.

My colleague Deborah Vanderkruk, wrote an excellent article for our clinic page about how diversifying your activities throughout the day can help prevent and treat workplace pain and injuries.  Even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms from repeated actions (like doing your job, checking your phone, or lifting your kids, I’d suggest reading her article to learn how you can avoid developing chronic pain and myofascial dysfunction.

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