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Safety and Consent for Massage Therapy Patients

As with anything else, there are benefits and risks with Massage Therapy. Because Massage Therapy falls under the Health Care Consent Act, it is absolutely mandatory that your massage therapist explains what they will do during the treatment, how your massage will help you to set healthcare goals, and risks or side effects of the treatment.
Getting a Massage is a Choice - Make it an informed one

Massage therapy students in Ontario learn a long, standard way to obtain patient consent. But entering practice as a Massage Therapist in Mississauga I learned that patients didn’t understand why I was spending so much time explaining everything – I had to learn a faster, quicker way to cover all the important elements of informed medical consent as part of my pre-treatment protocol.

How do I know that “my way” is successful? Because my patients make their own decisions using the information I provide

  • Most patients agree with my suggested treatment plan, or ask for a slight adjustment in focus
  • Some patients decide that they don’t want massage therapy at all
  • Some patients decide to reschedule for a day that they have a friend or relative to drive them home afterwards
  • Some patients decide that while they understand the benefits of working directly on the skin, they prefer to have me work through the sheets or to wear shorts and a t-shirt
  • Some patients ask extra questions before they decide

Even though patients who ask to modify, delay or cancel treatment are in the minority, they are my reassurance that I am doing a good job explaining and respecting their rights as patients.

If you have questions about Massage Therapy, and how I help people in Mississauga to recover from injuries, manage pain, and maintain/improve their wellness, email me or leave a comment.

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