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Spring Cleaning Your Healthy Routines

We spring clean our houses, and just finished cleaning our closets and konmari-ing our clutter. Now let’s take the brighter weather as a sign to tune into our bodies and take care of our health.

In Canada, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut over the winter months. With longer days and (slightly) better weather, we can start to spend more time outside and more time looking after ourselves. Before committing to a new activity, take a few minutes and evaluate what is and isn’t working for you right now.

  • What activities do you want to do more of (I want to do more hiking and biking)
  • What chronic injuries have you been neglecting – do you need to book in with your Massage Therapist for assessment and treatment?
  • What underlying health conditions need to be addressed (my asthma flared this winter, I need to see my doctor and check if we need to modify my treatment)
  • How much time do you want to commit to your activities? How can you make space in your schedule?
  • Do you know what stretches or strengthening exercises would complement your new activity?


Why does it hurt when I start to workout?

Minor muscle aches are normal when you switch activities, and even when you switch out winter boots for spring shoes. If you want to speed up your recovery from this kind of discomfort, massage therapy can increase circulatory and lymphatic flow through the body, and work with your nervous system to decrease your perception of pain.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between this kind of minor ache and an actual injury. If you don’t know if you’re injured or not, stop the activity that caused the injury and head in to see your RMT and ask for an assessment. We treat injuries and can give you exercises to help with a full recovery. You can usually continue to exercise when you’re injured, and your RMT can tell you which movements are safe while you get better.

If you need a Registered Massage Therapist or someone certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Mississauga, contact my clinic to make an appointment – if you’re looking outside the city, you can visit or to find someone in your local area.

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