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I’m on a Leave of Absence

Dear Patients,

I’m delighted to announce that I am on a leave of absence, effective February 1, 2020. I’m expecting my first child this month, and I appreciate how many of you have wished me luck with this new adventure.

My clinic colleagues are happy to provide you with Massage Therapy during my absence, but if their schedules don’t work with yours, you can always visit the CMTO website to find information about all registered massage therapists in Ontario.

If you are looking for a great RMT in South Etobicoke, my friend Colette Slone has a small practice and a big passion for massage therapy. We’ve done a few training classes together and I admire her professionalism.

The number of practitioners available for Lymphedema treatment in Ontario remains low. You can find a full list of certified Lymphedema Therapists who’ve completed the exact same training that I have, by visiting the Vodder School Website. The Lymphedema Association of Ontario lists Certified Lymphedema Therapists/ Certified Decongestive Therapists who have completed the Vodder School training and other qualified training programs. Please be aware that it may not be a comprehensive list of all Lymphedema therapists, as there is an annual fee for therapists to choose to be listed on this website. My colleague Michelle Schober is a Physiotherapist trained in CDT/CLT through the Dr. Vodder School. She operates in Mississauga (Meadowvale) and is currently accepting new patients.

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