Is it Safe to Get a Massage During a Pandemic?

You need to think about a lot before booking a Massage Therapy treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic: Is it safe? Is it smart? Are you following provincial guidelines to stay at home (except for essential services).

First, yes, it’s legal and safe(ish) to book a Massage Therapy appointment right now, but only if you need the appointment. The government requires that Massage Therapists are only providing treatment where it’s needed for urgent health reasons. If you aren’t completely sure, feel free to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to check. Some examples to give you an idea:

  • Chronic pain patients, or using massage therapy to manage a chronic health problem or long term injury – yes, massage therapy is essential, but we will try to increase your home care and schedule appointments less frequently.
  • A new injury or problem that can be treated with massage therapy – yes, but contact me to make sure that I can help before you come in. It’s important to assess and treat injuries early so that they don’t get worse. You also might be able to manage your pain at home.
  • Recovery from a car accident – you should be seeking therapy to recover from an accident or injury.
  • Lymphedema patients – absolutely. You need to manage your condition to prevent it from getting worse.
  • Recovery from surgery – massage therapy can help you recover from surgery. This is not care that can be deferred.
  • General wellness and stress management – where possible, you should defer your massage therapy appointment until case numbers are down and we are in the Green or Yellow category. However, because massage therapy has been unavailable most of this year, some patients may find that their condition has worsened and they are no longer functioning at full capacity. If you think that you may still need Massage Therapy, please book a free online consultation to decide.

Overall, while I am taking all available precautions, by being in the clinic for treatment instead of at home, you and I are both increasing our risk of contracting COVID-19. Both you, the patient, and I, the practitioner have to agree that the risk is worth the benefit. I’m still in practice because I believe that I can help people best by keeping them healthy during this challenging time. If you want help managing your care through a virtual appointment I am very happy to be able to provide that service.

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