About Jen

image-20-10-16-07-06Jennifer Hyland is an RMT (graduated from Mohawk College) and Yoga Teacher (Sivananda yoga teacher’s certificate).

I am fascinated by function and dysfunction in the human body and enjoys the challenge of helping people feel their best. With a background as a Yoga Teacher, I focus on the intersection between relaxation and health. This can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle including massage therapy and yoga (incorporating breathe, movement, diet, exercise and meditation).

After a thorough assessment, I tailor a combination of deep tissue and gentle relaxation techniques to meet individual treatment goals. Like all RMTs in Ontario, my education helped me to develop the skills required to safely treat clients with cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal respiratory and immune function. An RMT can safely adapt massage techniques to accommodate for any age and stage of life, from infancy to childhood, pregnancy and old age.

My journey to a healthcare career started in marketing. I was working for a medical marketing firm and spending my day researching pathologies, treatments, and inevitably, the systems that were stressed in the first place. As uncomfortable as I was tied to a desk all day, I was riveted by what I was learning.

A few years later I found my passion in massage therapy. As a student in Mohawk College’s Massage Therapy Advanced Diploma program, I had the privilege of working with clients with a variety of health and wellness concerns. This led to a focused interest in treating autoimmune and neurological conditions, pediatric care, and with helping clients manage chronic pain symptoms. After treatments and online, I draw from my marketing background, education, and passion for yoga to share information about living a healthy life.

I earned my BA in Philosophy, my MA in Humanities, and worked in publishing, communication and continuing medical education.