Chronic Pain

Manage your pain and make life a little easier.

Chronic Pain is something you can manage – you have to live with it for months, years, or maybe forever. But using all the tools at my disposal I’m committed to helping my patients learn how to manage their pain. I look at the causes of pain, as well as ways we can disrupt the pain pattern – through massage therapy my hands can talk to your nervous system, with yoga you can learn to breathe and focus past pain, manual lymphatic drainage can resolve painful inflammation and I can teach you homecare to soothe muscles and rewire pain signals.

Visit my blog and find articles that go in depth into my understanding of chronic pain, pain management, and developing a custom treatment plan that fits your life.

Massage Therapy

As a Massage Therapist I use an evidence based treatment plan to help reduce pain by encouraging your muscles, joints, circulation, nervous system and lymph system to work their best.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses slow, rhythmic movements to help your body fight inflammation, reducing excess fluid to treat patients with lymphedema, swelling, injuries, after surgery, and to reduce pain.

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Homecare and Online Consultation

A homecare plan includes exercises, self-massage, planning your daily activites (pacing), hydrotherapy and other strategies to feel better – especially when you can’t come into the clinic.


Personally, I use yoga to control my own pain levels and I trained as a yoga teacher to help with pain before I entered the world of massage therapy. I can lead online yoga classes to help address pain and increase relaxation.