Massage Therapy

In Ontario, Massage Therapists are regulated healthcare providers and are governed by the CMTO. Before you go for a massage, you can search the CMTO site to make sure that your therapist is registered.

When you arrive, expect your RMT to collect information about your health history, current conditions, and to perform orthopedic tests to make sure massage therapy is a safe choice for you.  Once you decide to continue with the treatment, you can choose whether you want the therapist to work directly on your skin, through your clothing, or through the sheets. Each option has different benefits.

Different techniques work to help your muscles relax, to soothe or stimulate the nervous system, to increase circulation, and to increase range of motion. Ask your massage therapist which techniques they are going to use, what position you should be in, and how you should feel afterwards. There isn’t a single formula for a ‘good’ massage, or even to treat an individual condition. Your questions, history, and needs will guide the treatment, as well as how many future treatments you need.